Golf Courses Landscaping

Arcus Landscaping Limited offers a broad range of services across different market segments. Our major clients are in golf & leisure, sports, building & construction, and agriculture industries. Also, we serve large domestic concerns that are within our area.


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Golf Course Landscaping Services

Arcus Landscaping are experts in helping clients to shape the environment to their own desire tastes. We believe so much in open communication for sharing the vision and details needed to transform dreams into reality.

Our premium services range from reshaping bunker membranes by reconstructing a green, to constructing a new 18-hole golf course on an expanse of green. Our expertise, trendsetting landscaping techniques and methods, depth of resources, and experience are our Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Golf Course Construction

Arcus Landscaping offers high quality services in golf course construction. Every aspect of the work is undertaken in-house by our dedicated team of experts who deploys cutting-edge technologies combined with adequate manpower to deliver unique landscape designs. Our project managers and team of shapers are ably supported by a senior management team which is committed to ensuring the successful completion of projects on time; whatever the scope, quality, or resources required.

Note: Hiring a sole contractor like Arcus Landscaping for your golf course construction will remove the problems associated with managing the interface between multiple contractors. This will ensure the smooth running of your projects and on-site changes can be easily accommodated and effected.

Golf Course Reconstruction and Remodelling

Arcus Landscaping has a proven track record of commitment and excellence in rendering quality services that extend to the areas of reconstructing or remodelling existing golf courses, greens, or tees, bunker complexes, and even individual bunkers. We accept projects of any type no matter the scale or scope, and we will collaborate with your in-house architect to deliver the best results.

  • All forms of Green constructions.
  • Green remodelling.
  • Exact Green reinstatement.
  • Greens Drainage.

Whether as part of larger golf constructions or as individual projects, Arcus also helps clients to design and install effective drainage systems that suit their budgets and preferences.


Arcus Landscaping also provides complete design and installation of irrigation systems. Our team of professionals are highly trained in construction of drainage as well as irrigation systems and are highly cost-efficient to hire, especially for projects that require phased installation.

  • Tee constructions.
  • Laser Grading.
  • Tee Drainage.
  • Irrigation Installation.
Bunker Construction Liner

Bunker Liner is a solution to the challenges associates with building and maintenance of bunkers on courses in consideration of consistency and ease of maintenance. A bunker liner could be installed in new constructions or in old bunkers.

As it is, Bunker Liner is a special liner consisting of agency-approved rubber granules mixed thoroughly with a binding agent. Both are placed together in a pan mixer which gives the end-product features of strength and durability.

Arcus Landscaping professionals will carefully consider your needs before installing the Bunker Liner. We are also available to help you design the best bunker bases even before installing the Blinder.

Bunker Construction Services:
  • Bunker construction.
  • Bunker re-development on existing courses.
  • Re-vetting.
  • Reinstatement under insurance policy.
  • Installation of Bunker Liners like Blinders.
  • Bunker Drainage.
Other Services:
  • Car Paths.
  • Water Features.
  • Rock Walls.
  • Streams.
  • Gabon Baskets.
  • Lake Construction.




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